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In addition to housing, Door of Hope also provides support services to our guests, so that they may live securely and be successfully reintegrated into the community.

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Trained Social Workers assist our guests in accessing the benefits available to them, including medical care, mental health support, addiction counseling and monetary benefits. Representative Payees are available to assist guests in receiving and distributing social security benefits. Student nurses in training at Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences Department of Nursing assist the guests with basic medical attention as well as teach preventative classes in personal hygiene, dental care, wound care, and dehydration … just to name a few. Frequently, Door of Hope volunteers provide the companionship needed during this sometimes difficult and lengthy process of accessing the benefit system.



Meeting Daily Needs at Door of Hope
Door of Hope provides our guests with basic toiletry items and clothing. For people recently moved from the streets to an apartment, we provide furniture and other needed household items. Finally, it is not uncommon for a volunteer and guest to attend worship services together.

Offering Meals at Door of Hope
In addition to helping our newly housed guests access agencies that provide groceries at a minimal fee, Door of Hope offers on-site meals.  On average, we serve more than 4200 meals annually. Volunteer cooks make many of our daily lunches possible. Each week, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, guests, volunteers, and staff share a meal. We talk, we listen, and we share our lives.

Activities at Door of Hope
Door of Hope schedules weekly on-site activities for our guests. Thanks to partnerships with area churches, our guests are offered a variety of activities.  Additionally, our staff and volunteers organize visits for our Guests to Memphis landmarks such as the Memphis Zoo, the Pink Palace Museum, Museum, Civil Rights Museum, and local sporting events. More informally, we offer board games and every day conversation, often shared over cup of coffee or tea.

“I needed to get out of the streets. I am too old for them now. I needed a place of my own.” – Michael R., Door of Hope Graduate

Volunteers Make a Difference
Often, our programs are instituted when the needs of our guests and the passion of a volunteer meet. Such programs can range from writing classes to better reading skills, from studying scripture to registering to vote. To discuss a new program or skill you would like to offer to Door of Hope guests, please contact us.

Working with the Earth at Door of Hope
At Door of Hope, guests and volunteers work together in our gardens and around our property. We also participate in tending the Community Garden at 165 Merton in the Binghampton community. We welcome any volunteer-led initiatives that will make our earth more sustainable.